WDG Logistics

At WDG Logistics, we provide businesses across Canada with solutions to their profitability and performance challenges. Whether you run a growing start-up or mid-sized company, we help you combine a solid business plan with a strong strategic vision and move forward with your main goals in mind.

We are an independent management firm with offices in Toronto, Ontario and Vancouver, British Columbia. Founded in 2018, we have built a reputation for devising innovative management solutions. Our methodologies will help to align your organization around your business goals.

We will:

  • Use knowledge in various industries to gain insights to your business
  • Evaluate the markets continuously and efficiently to identify opportunities to better position your organization, optimize performance, and maintain profitability.
  • Ensure that you benefit from our business improvement methodologies and track record of delivering results –in quality, cost, and customer satisfaction.

Advantages of working with us include:

  • We know business. Our team draws on a diverse background of business management experience. Each individual has taken lessons learned from growing companies and used them to help other entrepreneurs and organizations succeed.
  • We’re fast and dynamic. We act quickly and keep your needs and goals in mind. For example, if your order volume spikes, we’re right there with you, maximizing and growing company resources to keep your customers happy and loyal.
  • We’re dependable. If you need a precisely customized or last-minute business or logistics service, we can do it. Because our staff are team members as well as employees, they have the experience and authority to accommodate sudden and unexpected customer requirements. You will get what you need now, without having to wait for different layers of approval.

Out of all things in business, change is the most constant. At WDG Logistics, we see change as an opportunity for growth, not a disruption. We will show you how to embrace change and turn it to your advantage.

What We Can Do For You

Planning And Strategy

Where do you want to be? WDG Logistics will show you how to get there, and when to be there.


We will take all administrative responsibilities, ensuring that you have time to focus on the future.


We combine several years of logistics experience with a firm commitment to on-time delivery.